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    Crossing The Indigo Bridge
    Crossing the Indigo Bridge an animated film illustrating opening pathways to human evolution. Crossing The Indigo Bridge takes viewers on a journey through eight stages on the way to a new paradigm. These sacred stages, long held by the indigenous world, are being revealed. Read more
    Change For Balance Productions
    Change For Balance Productions
    The mission of Change For Balance Productions is to provide high quality media resources and support to groups and individuals who are contributing to the betterment of humanity. Read more
    Meddy Teddy Foundation
    The Meddy Teddy Foundation
    The Meddy Teddy Foundation works with within communities to bring mindfulness, yoga and meditation to children through our bendable and posable yoga teddy bear, Meddy Teddy. We aim to create awareness about leading a mindful and healthy life for children. By focusing on yoga and meditation, we seek to build a community that is driven by healthy practices. Read more
    Ulu Va’a
    Ulu Va’a
    Ulu Va’a was established in 2020 by North Kohala Community members to engage Hawaii youth and community in wa’a culture and ahupua’ a habitat restoration practices. Our intention is to build navigational skills that are transferable to life skills. In this program we will build a wa’a program and strengthen and support ongoing habitat restoration programs. Read more
    Pineapple Yoga Temple
    The mission of Pineapple Yoga is to proliferate the teachings of Ashtanga yoga guru, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. Pineapple Yoga is building a traditional Ashtanga yoga temple on Kauai's North Shore. Read more
    Woman's Global Peace Alliance (WGPA)
    Home of Pepper Sauce For Peace. As women on this planet, we recognize that by joining together (both male and female) with shared intention, we will birth peace globally. Imagine each one of us a drop of water. Together we are an ocean of light.
    Join us in this global movement.
    Energy Research Institute
    Energy Research Institute (ERI) gathers and shares knowledge, cultural perspectives, and technologies that support a paradigm shift for planetary evolution. ERI brings together some of the earth's brightest minds to focus on issues of food, water, shelter, energy, community, and education. Read more
    Na keiki koa 4 Haloa
    It is the year 2010, we the children of the rainbow look towards our ancestors and elders to move forward as we protect the earth, create peace and harmony for universal prosperity and dedicate our lives towards the divine light. Read more
    Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue
    Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue is a pending 501c3 that specializes in rescuing Horses that are being held at Slaughter Company owned Feedlots. We provide assessment, training, placement, therapy, rehab and most of all LOVE for these amazing creatures. Read more
    INCF supports the following projects
    Ka Mala Village
    Sustainable Organic Living (SOL) Projex
    Homeschool Now Hawaii
    Soul Fire Productions
    Kauai Empowered Youth
    Hawaii Sand Festival (music festival and sand sculpture contest open to the general public).
    Kauai Rugby FC
    Konohiki Restoration Project