Energy Research Institute

Peaceful and Sustainable Technologies

Research and development of energy tools, products, and delivery systems for the application of advanced frequency and vibration modalities.

Energy Research Institute (ERI) gathers and shares knowledge, cultural perspectives, and technologies that support a paradigm shift for planetary evolution. ERI brings together some of the earth's brightest minds to focus on issues of food, water, shelter, energy, community, and education.

Energy Research Institute (ERI) will be a research and development facility dedicated to developing and implementing peaceful and sustainable technologies. Collaborative forums will be held as a part of ERI's Master's Institute program, where experts from diverse fields will come together to address world issues. ERI is particularly interested in bringing together scientists and indigenous leaders.

ERI's current project Crossing the Indigo Bridge is an animated film based on the wisdom of quantum-physicist, Nassim Haramein and indigenous elder, K'achi. The film will bridge the scientific and indigenous views of entering a new paradigm through a journey across the indigo bridge.

By incorporating indigenous knowledge and wisdom into our understanding of the universe, we can gain a more complete and nuanced understanding of the nature of reality.

— Nassim Haramein