Pineapple Yoga Temple

Sacred Geometry Designed by Master of Architecture Michael Patton

Pictured here are design images of the future Pineapple Yoga Temple KAUAI visioned to be built on the beautiful North Shore.

Pineapple Yoga is in the process of fund raising for the development of a Sacred Geometry Temple to serve the community of Kauai with traditional “Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga” classes. The Pineapple Yoga Temple will serve and honor the Ashtanga Yoga practice by presenting the system just as it is taught in Mysore, India at the KPJ Ashtanga Yoga Institute.

Temple Yoga Temple

Why Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is geometry used in the design of sacred architecture and sacred art. The basic belief is that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light, cosmology. This value system is seen as widespread even in prehistory, a cultural universal of the human condition. It is considered foundational to building sacred structures such as temples, mosques, megaliths, monuments and churches; sacred spaces such as altars and tabernacles; meeting places such as sacred groves, village greens and holy wells and the creation of religious art, iconography and using “divine” proportions.

Sacred geometry may be understood as a worldview of pattern recognition, a complex system of religious symbols and structures involving space, time and form. According to this belief the basic patterns of existence are perceived as sacred. By connecting with these, a believer contemplates the Mysterium Magnum, and the Great Design. By studying the nature of these patterns, forms and relationships and their connections, insight may be gained into the mysteries — the laws and lore of the Universe.

Sacred Geometry plan Sacred Geometry art

Flower of Life Sacred Geometry

“Where Prana Meets Mana” Ashtanga Yoga East and West documentary

Visit website to learn more about Kauai’s North Shore Sacred Geometry Yoga Temple Vision.

Eagle, Michael Patton, Kenneth C. Hunt

Eagle (Pineapple Yoga Temple Director), Michael Patton (Sacred Geometry Master of Architecture), Kenneth C. Hunt (Executive Director of INCF).

Mahalo to Michael Patton for his brilliant mind and devoted heart to the benefit of the Pineapple Yoga Temple and Kauai's North Shore community!

— Pineapple Yoga Temple KAUAI