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    Crossing The Indigo Bridge
    Crossing the Indigo Bridge an animated film illustrating opening pathways to human evolution. Crossing The Indigo Bridge takes viewers on a journey through eight stages on the way to a new paradigm. These sacred stages, long held by the indigenous world, are being revealed. Read more
    Equine Destiny

    Equine Destiny, the documentary, exposes mounting issues facing this country's equines.

    Horse abandonment and neglect are not new problems. Today, these problems have increased dramatically. Read more

    Change For Balance Productions
    Change For Balance Productions
    The mission of Change For Balance Productions is to provide high quality media resources and support to groups and individuals who are contributing to the betterment of humanity. Read more
    Hale Aloha Aina
    Change For Balance Productions
    Hale Aloha Aina provides hands-on learning opportunities of indigenous Hawaiian wisdom and practices of sustainable and harmonious living. Read more
    Na Keiki O Halele'a Athletic Foundation
    Na Keiki O Halele'a Athletic Foundation
    Na Keiki O Halele'a Athletic Foundation is a charitable project created to provide a positive opportunity for the children of Kauai. Na Keiki O Halele'a recognizes a need to serve our community of young people of Hawaii. We are responding directly to the outcry from our children to provide this type of option. Read more
    The Gilbert Barnes Cancer Research Project
    The Gilbert Barnes Cancer Research Project
    The purpose of the project is to support Gilbert Barnes in his personal quest to overcome HepC liver cancer by exploring the available advanced medical treatments and protocols.
    Read more
    Hihimanu Group
    Hihimanu Group
    Hihimanu Group assists youth through personal, social, artistic and educational development, supporting them to grow, thrive and have harmonious relationships with each other and our planet. Read more
    Stellar Gardens
    Stellar Gardens' mission is to promote the development of healthy living in sustainable community through education, media, hands-on experience, and social and civic involvement. Read more
    Pineapple Yoga Temple
    The mission of Pineapple Yoga is to proliferate the teachings of Ashtanga yoga guru, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. Pineapple Yoga is building a traditional Ashtanga yoga temple on Kauai's North Shore. Read more
    Human Revolution Clothing
    The mission of Human Revolution Clothing is to create socially, economically and environmentally responsible clothing using organic and sustainable farming methods and manufacturing processes, that support small organic farmers and communities around the world. Read more
    The Love & Haiti Project
    The Love & Haiti Project provides the people of Haiti a curriculum for sustainable living solutions while documenting it's accomplishments in an effort to raise global awareness of Earthbuilding, Permaculture and Grassroots practices. Read more
    Woman's Global Peace Alliance (WGPA)
    Home of Pepper Sauce For Peace. As women on this planet, we recognize that by joining together (both male and female) with shared intention, we will birth peace globally. Imagine each one of us a drop of water. Together we are an ocean of light.
    Join us in this global movement.
    Energy Research Institute
    Energy Research Institute (ERI) gathers and shares knowledge, cultural perspectives, and technologies that support a paradigm shift for planetary evolution. ERI brings together some of the earth's brightest minds to focus on issues of food, water, shelter, energy, community, and education. Read more
    essereMANA is an interactive movie conceived for individuals and professionals who are experiencing a tangible lack of sense of identity due to past and present economic and social scenario. Read more
    Mr Green Energy
    Mr Green Energy has discovered a strategy to use existing hydrofuel and bio-fuel technology to design and build to scale diverse, clean sustainable power generation plants. Read more
    Na keiki koa 4 Haloa
    It is the year 2010, we the children of the rainbow look towards our ancestors and elders to move forward as we protect the earth, create peace and harmony for universal prosperity and dedicate our lives towards the divine light. Read more
    Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue
    Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue is a pending 501c3 that specializes in rescuing Horses that are being held at Slaughter Company owned Feedlots. We provide assessment, training, placement, therapy, rehab and most of all LOVE for these amazing creatures. Read more
    Healing America's Wounded
    America's disabled veterans are asking for some love and respect. We of Inter-Nation Cultural Foundation are responding. Hundreds of thousands of wounded warriors are largely being marginalized by society and too often neglected by our own government. Read more
    Feature film 3D project: THE REZ

    The Rez is about the big picture of the delusion of Power over people, as well as greed, leading to the loss of dignity. It addresses the consequences of invasions and genocides: native american, jewish holocaust, Tibet, etc... Read more
    INCF supports the following projects
    Kauai Rugby FC
    Homeschool Now Hawaii
    Soul Fire Productions
    Kauai Empowered Youth
    Hawaii Sand Festival (music festival and sand sculpture contest open to the general public).