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  • The Time of Women

    The Time of Women is a project of the Women's Global Peace Alliance. We are transforming as a humanity and the Time of Women is a new paradigm.

    This new paradigm demands a high standard of integrity and collaboration between women and men in order for humanity to move forward. In this Time of Women, women will understand that they are part of the divine and they are naturally wired to live from their Divine Feminine nature. The Divine Feminine includes a deep knowing of high-self and low-self, a deeper connection to one's intuition, and an alignment with one's pre-cognition, leading to being divinely guided. Women will tap in deeper to their inner power and gifts. Women are nurturers and mothers and when they wake up and live their truth and their essence, it will have a big ripple effect on humanity as a whole.

    Women of integrity will step into positions of leadership and responsibility. Men must be willing to support them while holding them accountable for their leadership. The role of men is to listen carefully of these wise and trustworthy women and act on their counsel. Men are naturally wired with the masculine forces and aligned with logic and reason. The Time of Women calls for an emerging paradigm for a collaboration of these two forces, also regarded as the scientific and the sacred, in order to restore balance in our World.

    The importance of this time is for women and men is to recognize and understand that we are moving from masculine dominant cultures to that of Divine Feminine.

    Further, this Time of Women is about waking up humanity by providing an instruction manual and code delivery system to assist all humanity to activate a deeper understanding of who we are and how we may assist humanity at this critical time in our evolution and restore peace and harmony on this beautiful earth. Again, the Time of Women represents in part, the possibility of transformation of Earth consciousness for all, including mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, as well as us humans.