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  • Stellar Gardens

    Stellar Gardens' mission is to promote the development of healthy living in sustainable community through education, media, hands-on experience, and social and civic involvement.

    Stellar Gardens creates educational media by creating sustainable communities and documenting the process.

    Our current production, a documentary web series, is set on a five acre piece of land on Kauai, Hawaii, which is being transformed from fallow land into a sustainable community and educational healing center, serving the needs of many families, including Jackson Nash, Melissa Snyder and their daughter, Stellar Nash, project directors of Stellar Gardens. We are working towards owning the land, and will be making the land available to the Stellar Gardens Project in perpetuity for the amount of $2.22 a year. In time the land will be placed in a land trust in furtherance of the Project.

    To document our growth, we need cameras and camera operators, editors and editing suites, set builders and building materials as well as experts and teachers on the various projects that will make our lives fully sustainable.

    We will create educational media about the process and share it with a global audience after building a media production center. The media center will then be used to teach free classes to children in the community about media creation, web design, and social networking.

    This is a collaborative art piece that will allow for input from the global community via our website, workshops, volunteering and classes, allowing us to learn and grow our families and the land together. We will share our techniques, our hits and misses, and through our transparency, hope to attract others to a new way of living and behaving as the collision of the internet and environmentalism has turned regenerative living into a highly attractive affair.

    We hope that by living our lives openly and creating media about it, we will provide a template for other young families and folks who are interested in opting out of the consumer lifestyle but aren't sure exactly how. We will provide them with a framework of steps they can take and techniques they can use. We can show the public how a combination of permaculture, media creation, regenerative land use, and non-profit status can help them build a new sustainable life wherever they are currently living. Stellar Gardens is a model of learning by doing, and also a model of teaching by doing.

    Our permaculture techniques have been tried and proven to work in any ecosystem. Our media helps remind people that living joyfully and sustainably is possible, and living in harmony with the ecosystem is a reality anyone can achieve. There are currently families and children on the land already building these systems, and the amount that we've learned together is incalculable.

    With the proper support, we believe that Stellar Gardens will be a huge breakthrough in sustainable living and media creation.

    To support, please send a check* to:
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    *We realize it might be easier to support via the internet, but PayPal charges fees, and we hope that if you're sending us money, you'd rather all of it go to us than middle-men. :)

    We gladly accept in-kind donations. Things we need:

    • Animal Fencing/T-stakes
    • Art Supplies
    • Building Materials
    • Computers
    • Digital Video Cameras
    • Durable Gardening Tools
    • Heirloom Hand Wood-Working Tools
    • Massage Tables
    • Organic Fruit Trees
    • Organic Seeds
    • Paint
    • Shipping Containers
    • Solar Panel Arrays
    • Sound Equipment
    • Water Tanks + Piping

    Thank you from the top, bottom and middle of our hearts!