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  • Mr Green Energy

    Mr Green Energy has discovered a strategy to use existing hydrofuel and bio–fuel technology to design and build to scale diverse, clean sustainable power generation plants.

    By using hydrogen on demand technology Mr Green Energy is committed to completely eliminating pollution and increasing profits for corporations, as well as improving air quality for communities worldwide. Our sustainable power plants and fueling stations operate on hydrogen produced from water and renewable energy. As a leader in the field of clean energy and an advocate for zero emission hydrogen power production, MGE is currently seeking financial support to launch its first pilot site. With a fully scalable energy production plan in place, MGE can accommodate energy production for small communities or neighborhoods, strip malls or big box stores as well as traditional utility companies around the globe. We also seek to sell and install hydrogen conversions for vehicles and ships. By implementing this technology we will always have access to fuel with out the need to drill, mine or pollute our environment.

    Clean energy gives engine extra oomph
    Proposed Hydrogen Filling Station Coop

    Run Your Car 100% on Water (PDF)

    Visit www.MrGreenEnergy.com for more info.