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  • The Love & Haiti Project

    The Love & Haiti Project provides the people of Haiti a curriculum for sustainable living solutions while documenting it's accomplishments in an effort to raise global awareness of Earthbuilding, Permaculture and Grassroots practices.

    Summary: The Love & Haiti Project will provide Haitian certification-training programs on natural earthbuilding and Permaculture farming. We are first producing a Permaculture Design Certification course in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and then developing a community center and 12-unit safehouse with Permculture farm in a village of La Gonave, Haiti for future capacity-building education.

    What is the issue, problem, or challenge? La Gonave was hit hard by the January 2010 Haiti earthquake and being such a remote location, has received little-to-no relief since this catastrophic event. There is a need for adequate housing and food production to accommodate the island's 90,000 inhabitants. Due to deforestation, collapsing soils and the fact that La Gonave is a 2 hour ferry ride from mainland Haiti, the people of La Gonave are in need for solutions that utilize local resources without further damaging their island.

    How will this project solve this problem? We will provide the people of La Gonave the training and certification programs in natural Superadobe earthbag building and Permaculture farming. Superadobe earthbuilding uses existing rubble and local resources without contributing to further deforestation and has exceeded the strictest seismic tests of California. Permaculture farming uses problem solving protocols that integrates human activity with patterns in nature and the local environment to maximize food growth.

    Potential Long Term Impact: The project will be responsible for the build of a 1,000 sqft community eco-dome as well as a 12-unit safehouse for orphans & women made out of the Superadobe earthbuilding technique. We plan to train and certify at least 50 local residents, while providing a paid salary and meals while the site is being developed. These structures will be donated to AAE Haiti (http://aaehaiti.org) and will be used for the future education of capacity-building life skills such as earthbuilding and Permaculture.

    "Without education, we can't do anything. Education is the key to development." - Sadrac Blanc, Haitian Student working on project

    In order for us to be successful in our mission, we will:
    • Ensure that the offered services are in alignment with the culture of Haiti
    • Design and implement strict financial controls, accountability, and transparency
    • Partner with effective organizations to support the cause
    • Co-create the first Haitian Eco-Village for 12 families by April 2011
    • Create a foundation for the community leaders in Haiti to spread the knowledge of Superadobe natural building, water treatment, and permaculture farming practices to ensure a closed loop system for self-sufficiency
    • Empower the people of Haiti to independently rebuild their communities in a way that builds capacity for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle
      • BUILD using earth and repurposed rubble
      • WATERPROOF dwellings utilizing effective water catchment and treatment systems
      • GROW food of sustenance using natural irrigation and organic permaculture
      • principles
      • TEACH other members of their community and communities close by how to build using these methodologies