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  • Human Revolution Clothing

    Changing the way clothes are made from ”seed to shirt”

    The mission of Human Revolution Clothing create socially, economically and environmentally responsible clothing using organic and sustainable farming methods and manufacturing processes that support small organic farmers and communities around the world.


    Human Revolution Clothing is creating a transparent business model for the way our clothing is made. For us, Organic is not enough if it comes at the expense of our farmers well-being. We are dedicated to the education and support our world needs, farmers to buyers, to create products made with integrity. We insist upon a pay-it-forward system so our profits are directed back into the hands of the communities that create our products. Through our closed-loop business method Human Revolution Clothing strives to give the power back to the people. Not just the people who make the clothes but also consumers who buy the clothes by offering them a choice to make a difference with their spending power.