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    Image - courtesy of Fort Myers.

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  • Healing America's Wounded.

    America's disabled veterans are asking for some love and respect. With 24 million Veterans in the United states, together, we can create monumental change for our wounded warriors.

    We of Inter-Nation Cultural Foundation are responding. Hundreds of thousands of wounded warriors are largely being marginalized by society and too often neglected by our own government. There are currently more than 1.4 million disabled veterans in the United States and there are over 24 million veterans. These wounded warriors have put everything on the line and now the time has come for Americas veterans to respond to this call.

    INCF is working with highly acclaimed motivational speaker, Ellen Stohl, to produce a inspirational documentary for our disabled veterans. Despite an SCI at the age of nineteen, Ellen has gone on to accomplish more than most people do in a single lifetime. This documentary will act as a inspirational foundation for all of our disabled veterans; Ellen will illustrate how amazing life can still be living with disabilities. This film will be distributed free to disabled veterans through a coordinated effort with disabled veterans chapters nation wide. Ellen will also be available for speaking engagements. For more information on Ellen Stohl visit Roll of a Lifetime.

    This important project was inpired by conversations between veterans and disabled veterans. These disabled veterans asked for help due to the frustration they often experience with the governmental bureaucracy. As veterans we understand the need to help our wounded warriors in any way we can. In addition to creating an inspirational documentary with Ellen Stohl, INCF will explore additional outreach programs to enrich the lives of our disabled veterans.

    We have seen tremendous results with various therapeutic programs. Equine therapy, in particular, is making life bearable physically and emotionally for veterans with disabilities. These resources need to be available to our veterans on a nation wide basis. INCF has established a perpetual endowment trust to expand and improve therapeutic programs beneficial to disabled veterans, similar to the equine therapy program at Fort Myers in Arlington Virginia.

    How you can participate

    Respond with a meaningful donation. These disabled veterans of America are asking for our help. We must not turn them away, especially now. With 24 million Veterans in the United states, together, we can create monumental change for our wounded warriors. Send a check for $10.00 or more to INCF and be sure to write Vets in the memo line or access our paypal account through the donate button on our website. If you have any questions or would like to get involved in any other way please do not hesitate to contact us. Join us in the journey of "Healing Americas Wounded".