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  • Na Keiki O Halele'a Athletic Foundation

    Na Keiki O Halele'a Athletic Foundation is a charitable project created to provide a positive opportunity for the children of Kauai. Na Keiki O Halele'a recognizes a need to serve our community of young people of Hawaii. We are responding directly to the outcry from our children to provide this type of option.

    We will accomplish our mission by offering our youngsters the opportunity to participate in free athletic events and competitions with experienced athletic instructors, athletes and events coordinators. By creating a safe haven for our underprivileged and or drug oriented youth, we offer a solid program to assist in providing positive alternatives using athletic events as our platform. These events will also provide a positive environment which stresses healthy lifestyles as an alternative to drugs and alcohol which have become a major problem in the islands. We will provide information and guidance to encourage healthy eating and exercise habits. These events will be fun, easy and safe for children of all ages.

    At Na Keiki O Halele'a Athletic Foundation we encourage the strengthening of community. We believe with a strong connected community anything is possible. We were founded with the intention to bring people closer together through helping children to succeed in life. We as a foundation have a strong belief in Hawaiian values. We want to encourage the children to live a happy, drug free and healthy lifestyle.

    Surf Contest

    The art of surfing called He'enalu was first described by Joseph Banks in 1769. Surfing originating in Hawaii is one of the biggest sports. As a foundation we understand surfing is a great way for the Hawaiian children to connect with their culture and heritage. we plan to host free surfing competitions, with prizes, trophies and lots of giveaways.

    Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments

    Jiu-Jitsu is another extremely beneficial sport for children in Hawaii. A few benefits are building self confidence, creating healthy habits, learning self defense, weight loss, problem solving, handwork, and perseverance. We plan to host free Jiu-Jitsu tournaments along with other martial arts competitions and events.

    Makahiki Games

    As a foundation we are dedicated to perpetuate the connection of the Hawaiian culture, people, and place that has raised and nurtured us and our children. We plan on hosting events filled with Hawaiian games.

    Konane - Form of Hawaiian Checkers.
    UluMaika- Hawaiian Lawn Bowling.
    Moa Pahe'e-Dart Sliding.
    Uma-Arm Wrestling Laying Down/Variations of Hawaiian Wrestling Opponents.
    LonoMakaIhe/'O 'O Ihe-Spear Throwing.
    Hukihuki-Hawaiian Tug of War.