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  • The Gilbert Barnes Cancer Research Project

    The purpose of the project is to support Gilbert Barnes in his personal quest to overcome HepC liver cancer by exploring the available advanced medical treatments and protocols.

    We will document this process using filmed interviews and personal journals which will include blood tests, professional recommendations and protocols, so that others may benefit from Gilbertís research.

    Gilbert was diagnosed with HepC liver cancer in the Spring of 2016. He followed conventional treatments including interventional radiology, microwave and radiation. His physicians diagnosed a ďvery slow growing cancer," suggesting a 5 year timeline for recovery. They were wrong. Gilbertís cancer spread rapidly to bones and spine within four months of his initial treatments.

    Due to the high cost of treatments and medicines, Gilbert has teamed with INCF to raise the necessary tax deductible funding to engage a broad range of advanced treatments and protocols with the hope of discovering a solution for this life threatening disease. Gilbertís intention is to provide useful information for others, as well as himself, in his quest to overcome this life threatening disease.

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