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    House of Love for Earth

    Hale Aloha Aina provides hands-on learning opportunities of indigenous Hawaiian wisdom and practices of sustainable and harmonious living.

    Wainiha valley view from Kilohana, Koke'e, the lookout from top of the valley. Wainiha valley is located in Halele'a district in North shore of Kaua'i, Hawai'i. Hale Aloha Aina is located in the bottom of this largest valley in Kaua'i which is known as a Taro land with abundance of water and lush jungle.

    Components / Workshops / Programs

    Malama 'Aina: How to take care of land and resources sustainably.

    Malama 'Aina day with Hale Aloha Aina participants at lo'i (Taro patch)

    Showing respect to our ancestors and offering to Ke Akua (Creater) asking to protect the sacredness of Mauna Kea, a sacred mountain on the island of Hawai'i.

    'Ai Pono: How to harvest and prepare food from land and sea

    Ho'olei 'upena / Throw Net

    Na lawai'a / Fishermen
    Ho'olei 'upena / Throw Net

    'Ohi ka 'ia / Taking fish out of net

    Paipai 'upena / Community fishing

    'Ohi ka niu / Gathering coconuts

    Hana ka mea niu / Creatingi coconut products
    Coconut cream, coconut oil and cook Taro with coconut cream workshop

    Coconut opening station
    Wai niu / Coconut milk

    Papa wa'uwa'u / Coconut shredding board

    Ho'omakaukau i ka mea'ai / Food preparation
    Shredding and squeezing coconuts. We work together as a team.

    Pua'a a kuahiwi / Mountain pork
    Mountain meat (wild mountain pork) with veggies from garden is about go in the oven

    Hawaiian Traditional Healing: Quantum Healing, Lomilomi (massage), La'au lapa'au (herbal medicine), Ho'oponopno (to restore balance and coming back to light)

    Ka ea o Kanaloa / The realm of the ocean
    Honu / turtle
    Nature is the best healer.

    Ke anuenue / Hawaiian rainbow (Hawaiian rainbow prophecy)
    Healing Rainbow over Wainiha Valley viewed from Hale Aloha Aina.

    Ke alaula / Hawaiian sunset
    Beautiful sunset from Hanalei bay

    Hawaiian Cultural Practices and Traditions: Sharing of Hawaiian and Polynesian prophecies, star navigation system, ceremonies, chant and hula.

    Hula Kahiko / Learning ancient dance
    Learning hula and chant from the prophecy

    Learning basic steps

    Loina / Native Hawaiian protcol/ceremony/ritual.
    Calling four directions with pu (conch shell) to open the star gate to offer hula and chant.

    Hi'u wai / The morning spiritual cleansing to greet sun.

    About us

    Hale Aloha Aina is a program under incfworld.org (Inter-Nation Cultural Foundation) and Na Keiki Koa 4 Haloa. We are a group of individuals who practice authentic sustainable living on Kaua'i, Hawai'i.

    Clearing overgrown land to plant taro and other plants, protecting, cultivating and sharing original canoe crops (original varieties of plants arrived by canoe), saving seeds, fishing, hunting and farming according to Hawaiian Moon phase, expanding our awareness of nature to receive signs and confirmations, performing protocols and praying before working and eating together, taking time preparing meals from scratch, helping each other to heal and maintain health, sharing Aloha, enjoying each others' company and entertaining with music, chant and hula.

    Those are our every day life. We are the generations of the knowledge and practice keepers passed down from our ancestors of Halele'a district (North shore) of Kaua'i.

    Ka'imi Hermosura

    The cofounder and director of Hale Aloha Aina, Na Keiki Koa 4 Haloa and Atualele Double Hulled Canoe Projects. Ka'imi was born and raised in Halele'a district of Kaua.i. He is a native Hawaiian traditional religious practitioner, native Hawaiian apprentice navigator, Konohiki (customary chief), musician, composer, chanter and Quantum healing practitioner. He is a prophecy and wisdom carrier passed down from his ancestors.

    Yumi Teraguchi

    The co-founder of Hale Aloha Aina. The founder and owner operator of YumisYummies LLC (yumisyummies.com) and Aloha Healing Retreat (alohahealingretreat.com). Yumi was born and raised in Kamakura, Japan, and lived and worked as a ski/snowboard instructor, heli ski guide and Yoga instructor in Japan, New Zealand and Canada. Yumi came to Kaua'i in 2005 and has been an active member of Na Pali Coast 'Ohana (napali.org) who thrives to restoring the ancient village of Nu'alolo Kai in Na Pali Coast of Kaua'i. Yumi's passion is healing, hula, Hawaiian music, healthy cooking and sharing her Aloha.